First blog post

I want to welcome you to a brand new adventure for me.  Honestly, I never thought that being a blogger would ever be in my future.  But I have put this off as long as I could and I have decided to jump in with both feet.

The reason I wanted to create this blog is that I believe that life is too short to make things complicated.  I want to use this blog as a place where I can share a unique view of a variety of subjects and do so in such a way that is informative, thought provoking and hopefully entertaining and easy to understand.

My goal is to share my views on any and all subjects that I feel led to write about.  Nothing is off limits.  Sometimes the stories may be funny, sometimes serious, and sometimes controversial.  Sometimes I will share about current events and sometimes it will be from something that happened a long time ago and everything in between.  However, I plan on always being honest and upfront.   My goal is not to start arguments or purposely be “in your face” but I will not pull any punches on what I feel led to write about.

Occasionally there may be some posts from special guests but when that happens I will be sure to give full credit to my guest bloggers.

I am a husband, father, grandfather, father-in-love, friend, Christ Follower and pastor.  All of these describe a very vital part of who I am.  Because of that what I write will come from my perspective of all these parts of my life.

Now that you know a little about me and why I have started this blog I look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you.  Let the adventure begin!

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